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The Critical Path.

Systematic Financial Strategies

A different approach

At Arca Financial Group, we take a different approach to your financial future. "Creating the right path" for you, your family and/or your business is a careful process that involves several key processes, we call “The critical path”

The Arca Financial Group Critical path process

  • Financial Gateway meeting
  • The critical path meeting  
  • The foundation meeting
  • The risk management meeting
  • Goals based progress update meetings
  • Annual scorecard meeting  

  1. Beginning with “The Arca Financial Group Gateway”, a process that allows us to do a thorough assessment of your current circumstances, we take into account your existing investment, insurance and/or business portfolios; This is called “the gateway meeting”

  2. We then take time to discuss your personal financial goals, concerns, lifestyle needs and dreams for your future;

  3. Next comes the design of your personalized financial strategy where we map out a path that will guide you to your destination; This is called “The critical path meeting”  

  4. We suggest specific strategies and stepping stones to lay in place that when followed, will lead you to your goals” This is the foundation meeting” This is where we get clarity on your values towards money and your goals as it relates to your financial strategy and your lifestyle.

  5. Next we complete the “risk management meeting,” which will review all the risks in your life and financial strategy.

  6. We provide ongoing service and regular reviews to keep you on the right trail. “ Goals based progress update meetings”

  7. “ Annual scorecard meeting”

  8. We continually monitor, cultivate and nurture your plan as you move through the various stages of your life.

Our state-of-the-art financial strategy system allows us to develop an implementation plan that will both maximize your disposable income and minimize your tax dollars paid. Our system is both friendly and flexible, allowing you to play the "what-if" game with the path we've designed until you are satisfied that it will provide the results you want for both your current lifestyle and throughout your future planning horizon.

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